Imogen Rose Podcast

Imogen Rose is an online fitness instructor with a wealth of knowledge and lived experience around Endometriosis. We found each other many years ago on YouTube, when we were both trying out the keto diet (we both eat plant based too, so it was a pretty niche topic!)

Imogen now trains people across the world and has such a compassionate approach to physical and mental health, you can see why she’s so sought after! I especially loved her Self Love Club challenge!

Imogen Rose Fitness also has a podcast and Imogen kindly asked if I wanted to be a guest – Of course I jumped at the chance! In the episode we discuss different diets, our relationship with food and fitness now, as well as looking after your mental health and taking action to what feels aligned to YOU – Whether that’s in fitness, work life, relationships, friendships and everything else! I share a practical “2 list” technique you can regularly use to check in with your physical, mental and emotional health – I used it around once a month and has become an invaluable tool for my health, healing and self development.

Thank you so much to the wonderful Imogen for being an awesome host!

Listen to the podcast episode here on Apple or here on Spotify.

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