Yoga For Cyclists

This year I have gained so much more confidence in cycling and I have been absolutely loving it! I got a bike last Christmas and in the first few months of 2020 I was very much a ‘fair weather cyclist’…. I wouldn’t ride in the city because I saw too scared of traffic and if it was slightly too windy or chilly, there was absolutely no chance I was getting on my bike.

Now, with the hit of COVID and being urged to avoid public transport, I got on my bike! Now I love it for commuting in between yoga classes and even do it for fun at the weekend. Follow me on Strava if you want to see my rides 🙂

I have to admit, I have not been great with post-ride stretching and it definitely cause me a lot of tightness I didn’t have before. So I have put together this quick post ride, Yoga For Cyclists routine, which is free to do on my YouTube channel. I have a Yin Yoga For Cyclists and a Pre Ride Yoga For Cyclists coming soon too, so make sure you’re subscribed and have notifications turned on, so you don’t miss them!

Plus, if you’re generally a ‘sporty person’ you may also like this Yoga For Sports Playlist I created. Enjoy!

Happy cycling and stretching!