Yin Yoga Sequence For Stress + Anxiety

In this 30min yin yoga sequence for stress and anxiety we work into the kidney meridian.

In Traditional Chinese Meridian the kidney meridian is the home of fear. The word fear may not resonate with you immediately, but fear manifests itself as anxiety or a feeling of loss of personal power.

There are all types of reasons we may feel this way and it’s important to note that these feelings aren’t ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, they are perfectly normal to feel. However, they can become unbearable when ignored or we feel them for long periods of time.

The kidney meridian on the flip side of fear is also said to be the home of great wisdom too and anatomically in this Yin Yoga for Anxiety and Stress we massage into the feet, deeply release into the groin / inner thigh area, open the chest and make space around the kidneys in the back body.

If you’d like to practise and learn more about this please check out the Yin Yoga for Anxiety + Stress below. This is a live yin yoga class recording which would be wonderful to do after work in the evening or to wind down before bedtime.

I really hope you find it helpful 🙂 Helen x