What is anti-desk yoga?

I have been teaching my own style of Anti-Desk Yoga at Benk + Bo since they opened their doors 2 years ago and it’s probably one of my favourite classes to teach.

Anti-Desk yoga is a 60 minute yoga class, which I design to be half gentle vinyasa flow and half more restorative, longer held poses. This gentle flow focuses on un-doing all the forward bending we do over our laptops, phones etc by encouraging better posture. We can hold a lot of stress in the physical body, so we work to ease and soften, which in tern will help also ease the mind. Concentrating on the breath and balance can help gain mental focus and clarity.

In a typical Anti-Desk yoga class we have a focus on releasing tension from the neck, shoulders, wrists, spine and hips. I also like to incorporate little movements or even breathing techniques that can be called on at your desk when you may need them.

Through this style of yoga class we look at boosting our energy rather than depleting it through our practise. Think gentle neck releases, spinal twists, shoulder and hip openers, as well as strengthening the posterior chain to encourage better posture. We always finish the physical practise with a good amount of time for final relaxation.

I love teaching these Anti-Desk yoga classes, as sometimes I can physically see the difference in students before and after class, which is honestly one of the best parts of being a yoga teacher. I am also very grateful for the yogis that take time out of their day to review the class on ClassPass and the MindBody app. I’ve popped a couple of reviews below so you can see what others think of Anti-Desk yoga!

If you’re in London you can book in directly via the Benk + Bo website (your first class is £5!) ClassPass and MoveGB. I will also be creating a 30 min YouTube video on this style soon, so hit subscribe on my YouTube channel so you don’t miss it! Hopefully see you on the mat/virtual mat soon!

Helen x