Standing Stretches – Working From Home

Whilst working from home, it might be a little easier to get a stretch break in. Whether you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or just need to give yourself a quick shoulder ‘freshen up’, these standing stretches are great to try at home and are mostly all suitable for when you’re wearing non-workout clothes.

I’m wearing this handmade jumpsuit by Leim and it’s the perfect amount of comfortable, yet still has you looking put together for Zoom meetings. I met the founder Hetty, a few years ago when I taught IRL corporate classes in London and she told me she’d designed a jumpsuit that was loo-friendly 🤩 No more getting half naked in the loo anymore! I bought The Sisterhood jumpsuit a couple of years back and have treasured it ever since. Make sure you check out her awesome designs for ALL occasions AND the stretches below 🙌🏽

Chest and shoulder opener – A kitchen counter top is the perfect height for most people for this one. Allow your head and chest to drop between the arms, whilst maintaining a calm and deep breath.

Add a twist – I love adding a twist to this one, as it really helps any stiffness around the middle spine. With one hand, reach of the outside of the opposite leg – You might reach the knee or all the way down to the heel. Experiment with bending one knee or the other.

Hamstring stretch – If your counter top or table is too high, use the seat of a chair or the arm of the sofa. Flex the raised foot so the toes are reaching back towards you and for a deeper stretch, fold over the leg.

Standing lizard stretch – Again, this one might need to come down to a lower level. Bend into the knee of the foot that’s raised and keep the back leg as straight as you can, feeling a stretch towards the hip flexors.

Chest and arm stretch – This one is lovely for when your hands and wrists are tired from typing away at the laptop. Bring the palm of the hand flat to the wall at shoulder level, begin to turn away from the wall until you feel the stretch in the front of the shoulder, bicep and a little down to the hand too.

If you’re looking for more standing desk break and home yoga stretch inspiration or guided classes. Check out the free Desk & Chair Playlist on YouTube or check out the Work Break tag right here on MMM.