Practices for periods

One of the first videos I created was for a brand called Pink Parcel which was (I think) the first period product subscription box. Since then I have learnt so, so much able the female cycle and even went on to create a fertility yoga teacher training course. I also learnt A LOT from this single book called Period Power and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more able their cycle.

I have had a few people message me asking for practises that may help whilst they are on their period, from people with regular cycle, those who suffer with endometriosis, going through the menopause, on IVF, have PCOS and everything in between.

For the Yoga for Endometriosis and PCOS practises I asked a group of people who live with these conditions and noted down what gives them relief and what they would like to see in a practise. The videos below are what we came up with 🙂 I really hope these videos help you and if you have any feedback or ideas to include in new practices, please do let me know in the video comments.

I also have a fertility yoga playlist which you can check out here.

Helen x