Guided Meditation For Healing

Here we have a part of guided meditation I included in the Reveal & Heal hips focused class. Sometimes I really enjoy just reading these meditation back for myself, so if you’d like to do the same, I’ve popped it below.

Before I guide a meditation or relaxation, I always like to take people through a guided body scan to relax and prepare for a healing meditation. Make sure you are comfortable for this healing meditation, read slowly and take pauses for as long as you need. I would also recommend resting after this and maybe jotting down your experience in a journal.

Healing Guided Meditation Script:

Allow your body to surrender into the earth. Be still.
Allow your muscles to soften and lengthen.
Notice any sensations that arise within your body now….

Pay attention to those sensations….

Release self judgement and ask these sensations what they need?
Listen to the sensitive messages the body sends…

Now bring your awareness to your breathing.
Welcome slower, softer, deeper breaths…
Inhale, feel the breath travel to the abdomen…. Release the exhale and feel the breath pouring up and out….

Give your permission to relax and let go….

Breathe in love, release tension…
Breathe in harmony, release confusion…
Breathe in healing, release dis-ease….

Release all self judgement and criticism. Focus on breathing in love and joy….
Allow thoughts to assist healing….

Release and let go of any blocks to your wellbeing… Sigh and let go….

Allow your body to relax further and share what it needs to heal….

Relaxation and calm spreads through your entire being now.

Be here now, for this sense of peace and wellbeing.