Fun ways to use a Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is one of my favourite yoga props. I think an addition of a yoga bolster can really elevate your home movement practise, by providing great support and for some of us, making tricky poses more accessible and comfortable.

Usually you would see a yoga bolster in a yin yoga or restorative yoga classes, without much movement or flow. To switch things up a little, I took some time to explore some ways you might use a bolster in amore active way, during a flow and almost as a bit of weight in other poses.

This bolster is filled with buckwheat so is pretty heavy, it’s from my favourite brand called Ekotex Yoga They are a small, Scottish, family run brand and produce the most high quality props I’ve ever owned! This bolster was bought around 2017 and is still going strong. The organic cotton cover is washable and they do replacement covers for when you’d like to switch up the colour or would like a spare, whilst the other is in the washing machine. You can get 10% off full priced items on their website using code HMFYOGA.

Now, onto the different ways to use a yoga bolster. You can also practise these with me in this free YouTube video, or these two Members classes: Bolster Flow and Bolster Flow + Release.

Bolster Rolls – Starting in a kneeling position, roll the bolster away from you as far as feels good… Some of us may take it into a puppy dog back stretch. As you inhale roll the bolster back towards you and repeat.

Hanging Forward Fold – Using the bolster as a weight, bend knees and sway gently from side to side to encourage a deeper release down the posterior chain. You may also like to straighten the legs and rest hands on the bolster for a little break.

Back Circles & Crunches – Placing the bottom of your shoulder blades onto the bolster and cradling the head with your hands, create small circles with the upper body, allowing a gentle massaging sensation. You can also so some spicy crunches for the core here if you fancy too!

Supported Side Stretch – This one got me feeling like a mermaid! Find a point around your waistline where the bolster feels most comfortable and allow your body to drape over. Repeat on opposite side.

Reclined Balance – Test your balance and control with this one. Start with bent knees so the bolster centre of gravity is lower and work towards straightening the legs for more or a challenge and a deeper stretch.

Supported Childs Pose – On elf my favourite poses to chill in and with the added height from the blocks this makes it SO much more comfortable for me. Would 10/10 recommend giving this one a try.

I really hope you got some great inspiration from this yoga bolster post today, take us on Instagram if you try any of these and let us know how they felt!