Book Recommendations

Here’s a little list of mostly yoga related books I’ve been enjoying, as well as a couple of books on mental health. Some of these books I’ve recently bought and others I’ve had before I even started my yoga teacher training. I’ve linked all these book recommendations below 🙂


This is a short read and the first time around I didn’t really ‘get it’. A great book if you’re feeling stuck or lost on your yoga journey.


I think absolutely everyone should read this. The first few chapters I personally found heavy going, but stick with it. Gives you huge insight into how the mind connects with the body, how we classify different types of mental health issues and how that is not always helpful for dealing with symptoms. Also some great research on how we can manage our mental health.


I bought this for yin yoga teacher training. It’s a great reference book as well as having a great introduction to gain an understanding of what yin yoga is all about.


More of a reference book which I bought for my 200hr yoga teacher training, however I dip into it all the time. the illustrations of the body are amazing and super helpful for gaining knowledge of the anatomy in physical postures. Also a really interesting section on breathing.


This was recommended to me recently and so far I love it. If you’re intrigued by Charkas, but don’t really know what they are and how they relate to you, this book is a great guide. I find the way this book is written, totally relatable to modern life/ yoga practise.


This was a random suggestion I had come up on Amazon before I started my 200 hr yoga teacher training and the first time around, I didn’t understand most of it, that annoyed me and I didn’t get very far with it. But now after deepening my own understanding and practise of yoga, its is an amazing reference book. Really helpful if you’re looking to heal certain areas of your body and great for teachers to plan classes.


I share a lot of David Goggins work on social media as I think he’s such an inspiration for self discipline (hello Niyamas!) This book is about the challenges he had to face growing up, all the way through to holding to the world pull up record. There is also an amazing part on how stretching pretty much saved his life. I would recommend watching him on the Joe Rogan podcast here. If you decide you want to know more, get the book! Goggins has been on Joe Rogan’s podcast twice and after finishing the book I’d recommending watching the second interview here.

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