5 tips to build a home mindful movement practice

A home mindful movement practise is a great way to look after our physical and mental health during these uncertain times. I have complied a list of tips and tricks to build a home mental and physical fitness practise, but more importantly how to be consistent.

  1. Create a space in your home that enjoy being in. It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be set up all the time. For example, I have to push my sofa and coffee table out of the way and roll out my mat. You can simply make the space comforting by dimming the lights for an evening practise or opening a window for fresh air for a morning practise. Having plants around and maybe a scented candle burning, is a great way to make your movement space inviting. The more inviting the space, the more you will want to return to it everyday.
  2. Embrace the ‘mini practise’. Not all practises need to be 60mins of sweaty hard work. A valid mindfulness practise could be 3 stretches, 1 minute of mindful breathing or a good old cry in childs pose. These are all valid and worthwhile practises. The practise is showing up for yourself and allowing space in your day to be present.
  3. Use music. Compile a list of your favourite songs you like to move to and pop it on when you start your practise. (I share playlists every month on the dashboard) I find good music tends to keep me on my mat for longer and it tends to be more creative. Dancing can also be a mindful practise!
  4. Pop on a video class to get you started. If you are not sure where to start head to our on demand library and pick a short video to get you started. I find sometimes starting with a video really helpful to get you going and once you find your flow, you might even turn it off half way and continue the practise in your own way.
  5. Accountability.  Keep yourself accountable maybe with a daily journal or diary, or you could share your experiences on social media or with a friend. Our private Facebook group is always open for chats and sharing your practise with like minded humans. Having a small bit of accountability will help you get on the mat even when you have those days you don’t feel like it. Those days will come and that’s okay… Remember, tip 2 😉

I hope these 5 simple tips to build a home mindful movement practise has been helpful and if you would like to try one of our 5 day or 28 day series, let us know and we’d be happy to be your accountability partner 🙂