Yin To Create Space 完 LIVE

A yin style session to create space…. Physically, mentally and energetically. In this session we identify spaces that feel blocked or cluttered and work towards releasing the unnecessary and what no longer serves. We’ll end the practise with a grounding relaxation and some journal prompts to take away:
– Is there a thought you have, that you often or quickly disregard / ignore / push away?
– What emotions do I attach to it
– Where in my body do I feel it? How does it feel, if you can feel it at all? How can I describe it / draw it?
– Is there a story that I am attaching to it? Is it helpful or true? If not, how can I rewrite it?
– I am choosing now to let go of..
– 歹Take a moment to thank yourself for this practise and for allowing another part of you to exist 歹
– What 3 things are you grateful for in this moment?
– This week I am excited for.

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