Purition Whole Food Vegan Protein

I’ve recently started a new 12 week weight training programme… i’m only 2 weeks in and I love it already! I’m with poses that require just my body weight, but as soon as a little weight is added in, I crumble!

I’ve always tried to incorporate a vegan protein powder into my diet, but I never found one that was nice enough to make the habit stick. That synthetic taste is really unbearable to me!

I came across the brand Purition on holiday in Malta and tried a little sprinkle of the hemp powder on my porridge… couldn’t taste it at all! then I tried a full scoop in some pancakes ( I use banana, flour, flax egg, oats and almond milk for my pancakes) and they were genuinely the best I’ve ever made.

Putrition are a whole food brand, but of course the plant based range is what I am interested in. Being whole food and plant based means there’s no crap in there and you’re getting a great source of vegan protein, between 13-14.5grams of protein depending on which flavour you go for. When you look closely at the powder you can actually see the ground up nuts and seeds. There is a little Stevia (natural sweetener) in each of the flavours (this is the shit I can’t stand the taste of) but you can’t even taste it in there, it must be a really small amount or masked by all the good ingredients… Hallelujah!!

Before I committed to buying a big packet, I tried out the sample box. I would highly recommend buying this box before investing. I tried all the vegan flavours:

Hemp / Coffee and walnut / Strawberry / Raspberry / Chocolate / Vanilla / Blackcurrant.

After trying all these vegan flavours I decided to go with Chocolate. I make mine with half unsweetened almond milk and half water, all shook up with some ice cubes. You could totally get fancy with it and blend it up properly with some berries, spinach and some nut butter.

The Purition vegan protein powder definitely has some texture to it and some would say it was grainy, but I don’t mind as I know its only ground nuts and seeds and nothing sinister. there are some whole seeds in the mix too…. You can see the sesame seeds a little in this picture actually 🙂

Here’s a link to the vegan protein discovery box to try out a few flavours and this is the full sized vegan range.

If you give them a go, let me know what you think!

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