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Here’s what people think...

I love how mindful and caring Helen’s teaching style is. No matter if it’s a strong sweaty flow or a relaxing practice, it always feels like I’m practicing with a close friend that understands your needs and encourages you to actually listen to your inner voice! Not everyone can create this beautiful connection on screens. Helen is definitely one of a kind. ✨💖

Anya - Barcelona, Spain

I started using Helens online videos during lockdown when my class closed. I’m able to 30-60mins at anytime I want which fits around my day or wherever I am in the world.

Sam - Cheshire, UK

I’ve been following Helen for some time and was lucky enough to attend her in-person classes a few years ago. Since then her videos have been a constant support. During coronavirus I followed her videos every day and they helped sustain my mind and body throughout those difficult times.

Peter - London, UK

I await new lesson eagerly as there are so many varied practices that are all delivered in such a professional and joyous way. Challenging and fun is such a tricky combination to manage but I walk away from every practice reaping the benefits!

James - Sheffield, UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone of Helen’s classes. Her teaching style is fun and very calming. Perfect for anyone looking to start an at home practice.

Rachel - Peterborough, UK