Vegan food in London (Mostly East London)

Here is a list of 10 of the best (in my opinion) vegan restaurants in London. Most of these vegan food places are in East London and I’ve tried to incorporate as many different vegan food styles as I can, to hopefully cater to even the fussiest of eaters!


The Diner is a small chain in London, but the one in Spitalfields (this could have changed now) does an amazing American style, vegan menu. The vegan menu has so many options from breakfast wraps and pancakes, to burgers, hot dogs and waffles. You have to try their vegan mac and cheese and the seitan is my fav!


What the Pitta does the most amazing vegan kebab ‘meat’. You can have your kebab with or without the pitta wrap and the portions are really generous. I’d say this is the place to go if you want to convince your meat-eating friends vegan food is banging!


Redemption in Shoreditch is probably the most healthy spot out of these vegan options, as all their recipes are vegan and low in natural sugars. I love that their motto is “Spoil yourself, without spoiling yourself”. The brunch and lunch menu has some lovely light options and the dinner menu offers some more hearty dishes. They are also alcohol free, however the mocktails are great, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything! They also have restaurants in Notting Hill and Covent Garden.


Mooshies are a plant based burger restaurant on Brick Lane and do some amazing vegan burgers, that won’t leave you feeling guilty. The ‘What’s your beef?!’ burger with its black bean patty, dairy free cheese and burger sauce really reminds me of a Big Mac and the sweet potato fries are always perfect!


Honesty the best place in london for vegan and gluten free cakes, cookies and coffees (they also have vegan Mr Whippy ice cream in the summer!) These ladies have set the bar really high for vegan cakes AND on a weekday you can get tea and cake for just £5. The cafe is so cute and totally Instagram-able too!


Marees sauces and food was such a lucky find, as we stumble upon it one day and decided to give it a try. Marees sauces and food have a focus on big flavour, as they believe vegan food should never be boring or bland and they 100% deliver on this. The menu has afro Caribbean bases, but incorporates flavours from all over the world. The price is very cheap for London in my opinion and the portion sizes are generous. We shared some wings, polenta coated wedges and a huge plate of vegan pancakes for under £12.


This is a bit of a combination one and just a great place to hang out and try lots of vegan food. The vegan market on brick lane is especially good if you’re with a group and can’t decide on what you want. There are so many stalls, with vegan food from around the world and there is always new stalls popping up each week. When I went there last, the cakes and brownie we had from Lovely Buns were dreamy (pictured below!) Here’s a vlog from when I visited.


This chip shop is 100% vegan, with all your favourite traditional chip shop options, with ‘fish’, battered sausages, curry sauce, burgers, pies and they also do specials! (At Christmas we had deep fried sprouts and deep fried minced pies with dairy free ice cream for afters!) Their chips are SO good and I would highly, highly recommend trying the battered sausage!


This is a dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free, vegan ice cream shop in Soho, London. Both the scoop and soft serve ice creams are delicious with some really unique flavours, plus more topping choices than you can shake a stick at. They are 100% vegan and hold The Vegan Trademark, plus they also serve waffles, crepes and shakes…. I don’t venture into soho much anymore, but when I do I make a B-line for Yorica!

I hope you found this list of vegan restaurants in East London helpful and I have a few honorary mentions as well – I’ve eaten at them all and would say they’re definitely all worth a try! More vegan restaurants in East London: Cook Daily, Essential Vegan, The Spread Eagle, The Gallery Cafe, Carmel on the Green, 90 Degree Melt, Vegan Cross, Vurger.