A very merry & mindful Christmas 🎄

If you do like to gift the one’s you love with some little, mindful Christmas gifts this holiday season, these suggestions are for you! I would consider a ‘mindful gift’ as something that would be useful to the recipient or bring them a little joy – Sometimes the smallest most thoughtful gifts are the best 🎁 

  • Gift card to their favourite place. I love gifting people enough to buy themselves a coffee or two, lunch at their favourite place or to get their nails done ☕️
  • Mindful movement classes for 2023! Speaking of gift cards…. We haven’t quite launched ours, BUT if you would like to gift someone you love with a month membership here at MMM, drop us an email and we’ll get it all set up for you 💗 January 2023 brings us 28 classes on demand and 4 live Zooms for just £20!
  • Mindful practise accessories… An eye pillow or meditation cushion is a really lovely way to bring a little more comfort to a meditation practise. I would highly recommend EkotexYoga, they are a small Scottish, family run business, with sustainability at the heart of all their products. Get 10% off using code HMFYOGA 🕯
  • Extra long hot water bottle. Now I know this one seems random, but having one of these has changed my life! So much more cosy than a regular hot water bottle – You can use to warm up your yoga mat on cold mornings and warm up your bed in cold nights. I honestly think this one is such a crowd pleaser!
  • Customised self care box. Putting together a few things you know your loved one will enjoy for a little bit of self care and home pampering. I’m thinking face masks, hair masks, scented candle, a book and a pack of some soothing, herbal tea. Package together with a handwritten message. I have a self care at home ‘shop’, if you need more inspiration. 🛁
  • The gift that keeps on giving. There are so many awesome subscriptions from magazines, to beauty boxes, fine wines and even knickers! The most wonderful way to extend Christmas gifting, past the actual day and into the new year!
  • A growable gift. Maybe a pack of easy to grow herbs or a little cutting to get them started. Another little gift that keeps giving (hopefully 🌱) throughout the year.
  • Presence. I know all the above suggestions do cost ££s, but really the best gift you can give is your presence and full attention. How often do you sit and have a tea or go for a walk with someone where you are 100% with each other? No phones, no distractions, just enjoying each others company. There really is nothing better 🥰

I hope you found this mindful Christmas gift guide helpful and if you have any suggestions to add or share we’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas on our Facebook page!