Member Spotlight 🔦 – Linda

What’s your name and where do you live?
Linda from Birstall, Leicestershire, UK

How old are you and what do you do?
I am 54 years old, my birthday is 26th March and I am a senior credit controller.

3 words (or emojis) to describe yourself….
Fun-loving, lefthanded, witch 🧙🏼😂

What does moving mindfully mean to you?
Moving mindfully to me means, I do what feels right for my body and mind. Each day we feel different physically and mentally so we need to be flexible and do what feels right for ourselves each day.

What’s your favourite food?
This is hard, I have just cooked cauliflower cheese so that is all I can think of haha! So Cauliflower cheese.

What other ways do you enjoy moving?
I do circuit training at my local gym, they do HIIT, Cardio, boxing, weights, all sorts, it is always different which is great. I also walk most days, I am lucky to live very close to a park and lake 😊

What is your favourite part about being a MMM member?
I love being a member because I can pick a practice anytime I want, there are live classes available,  I love feeling part of a community, I also love that we are supporting Helen.

Any favourite quotes or words to live by?
Life is for living, it is too short to have regrets, if we make a mistake, it isn’t the end of the world, that is how we learn! Grab it with both hands love, and enjoy it 💗

🤘🏻Thank you so much to Linda for sharing your wise words and letting us get to know you a bit…. Off to make some cauliflower cheese now 🧀