Mindful Movement stretches for everyday 🙏

Here are 5 simple mindful movement poses and movements to incorporate daily for a happy bod! We’ve chosen these 5 mindful movement practises as they help combat physical and mental tension that tends to gather in our work day.

Hip Flexor Happiness 🤩

Engage the glute of the back leg to feel the stretch in the front of the hip. You can use a wall for support and if you have sensitive knees, pad the back knee with a pillow or blanket. Breathe and hold for 30 seconds before changing sides.

Simple Side Stretch 🙋‍♀️

To help combat lack of lateral mobility – Side to side movement. This simple, but effective flow and stretch will have you feeling freer and breathing deeper. Inhale arms up, exhale bend to one side, repeat flow 10 times and then hold on each side for around 8-10 breaths. You can also do this seated in a chair.

Lower Back Love ❤️

A gentle sphinx back bend is the perfect gentle stretch after being sat at a desk or in a car. You can straighten the arms to come up higher and make more intense, BUT make sure the glutes stay relaxed. This should never feel painful. Hold for 60 seconds, before slowly coming out and enjoy a neutral spine for a further 60 seconds.

Puppy Pose 🐶

If your torso and chest tends to feel tight, try this Puppy Pose stretch. Take hands wide apart if this is tricky to begin with. Use gravity and slow breaths to bring chest closer to the mat. Hold for around 60 seconds before slowly releasing and taking any intuitive movements that feel good afterwards.

Mindful Mobility 🙏

This active mobility move gives so much bang for your buck! Stretches the hips and brings a refreshing twist to the spine. Inhale elbow up, chest proud and on the exhale bring the elbow across the body. Repeat 8-10 times using the breath and repeat on opposite side.

I hope you find these everyday mindful movement stretches helpful and if you would like more guidance bringing mindful movement to your everyday routine…. Check out our Mindful Moments series, which guides you through 10mins of refreshing mindful movement, Monday through to Friday 🙌