🪩 Intuitive Dance & Body Acceptance with Rakhi Sachdev

Rakhi is a perfect example of why I LOVE social media (don’t get me wrong there are A LOT of cons too!) but Rakhi’s Instagram was suggested to me on the “Explore page” and reading / watching just a couple of her posts, I instantly connected to her message and vibe 🥰 A couple of months following each other, she reached out for a virtual coffee on Zoom and we hit it off! I joined one of her online Zoom sessions not long after, called Embody & Express and had an incredible experience…..


Before the session, I was feeling heavy and not really up for it…. But with Rakhi’s supportive cues, amazing music choice and leading the session by example I had THE BEST time! During the session, something had shifted, I felt lighter and more creative than I had in ages and came away feeling seen and validated by…. Myself ❤️ It was a really unique experience and one I was grateful to do in the comfort of my own home. If you are in London though, you should 100% keep your eyes peeled for her in-person sessions 🤩


I feel very lucky Rakhi agreed to lead a session for us at My Mindful Movement!


Rakhi is a Body Acceptance and Embodiment Facilitator guiding and empowering you to take up space, liberate yourself and express who you are through the lens of body and self acceptance. Together we ditch the societal ‘rules’ and create a manifesto for your life that feels true to you.


Embody and Express is an intuitive dance class that centres around trusting and accepting the way your body wants to move and how you want to express yourself without judgement. We will be disrupting the idea that you need to look a certain way or be a ‘trained dancer’ to dance. At its core, to dance is to spark JOY, feel EMPOWERED, ALIVE, to EXPRESS, RELEASE and HEAL and we will be tapping into all of these things in class on Friday 15th September.


The Zoom link to register for this session is on the Live Sessions page and the recording will be available for those who can’t make it live OR just want to practise it again! 💃🪩🕺