How to practise intuitive movement – Mindful movement playtime 🏓

One of the best things about mindful movement is how free and explorative it allows you to be. There is no way to ‘technically’ move through a mindful movement class and absolutely no ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’…. This suits me well and I hope it does you too or you are at least intrigued to try!

I’ve listed below some suggestions to explore and try for yourself if you are looking to start a mindful movement practise or need a bit of inspiration for your existing practise.

In our upcoming January 2023 series (yet to be named and revealed) we will be diving into these approaches in more detail and seeing what we can discover together 💗 ….

These approaches to an intuitive movement practise are suitable for all levels, as we always work with our own range of movement, energy, mood and intensity – Basically just moving to the beat of our own drum 🥁 and allowing yourself time to ‘get to know your true self’.

My overall suggestion for this mindful movement playtime is to go into a practise with curiosity and compassion towards yourself…. You never know what you might find 🏴‍☠️


  • 🗿 Fixed / unfixed 🌊 – Play around with different body parts being fixed or unfixed to the ground. Think one foot being stuck in mud for example, how far can you reach with the rest of your body? We practise a few examples in this Empower & Play class recording.


  • 🎶 Music choice 🎧 – Create your own playlist to match your mood and get moving to it! Let that emotion flow and move through you. You’re welcome to use some of my public playlists here on Spotify.


  • 🐢 Minimal movement 🐭 – A more restful practise. Start lying down or seated, feel into your body and notice the cues for movement (or no movement). Move very slowly and minimally, notice how it feels to be ‘doing’ less.


  • 🦁 Big movement 🐳 – The opposite to the technique previously, when feeling into a cue to move, make it bigger and more expansive. Let go of how the movement looks and notice how it feels?


  • 🗺 Explore lines 🚀 – Together our limbs, joints, muscles and entire bodies can move in SO many different ways…. Let go of forwards/back, left/right, twists…. Start to explore and movement patterns together, what do you find? What happens when you twist, but add a cat/cow motion to the mix for example? This Mindful Motions class might give you some ideas!


  • 🙌🏽 Lead with a body part 👣 – Pick a part, any part! Lead with your right big toe, your left elbow or even nose 😅 Allow the rest of your body to follow that body part and have fun!


  • 🛋 Work with your surroundings 🛏 – Some of us have spacious, dedicated practise spaces and some of us practise in the space between the kitchen counters! Use the space to your advantage…. In a balancing shape, why not pop a foot, hand, forearm on the wall for support? Use the sofa as one massive practise prop or instead of moving the coffee table, what if it stayed where it was and you worked with it or around it? Be creative and cultivate PLAY, how would a child play around in this space?


I really hope you enjoyed these suggestions and please do let us know how you get on if you try any of these ideas…. Tag us on social media so we can have a peek into your practise 👀

After practising each of these, notice how you feel afterwards, what thoughts or emotions came up? Did you feel any blocks or resistance to the practise today? I would highly recommend journalling or meditating after a practise like this. Want to get started with journalling, you’re in luck! Lovely Sasha from Frank + Feel guided us through out very first, live journalling workshop called Embers.

Thanks for reading and happy moving!