Benefits of practising Intuitive Movement

If Intuitive Movement is a new term to you, you may like to check out our previous “What is Intuitive Movement?” blog post 📝

I’ve been practising an intuitive approach to movement and wellbeing for around two years and here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced for myself. I would love to hear if you practise intuitive movement and what benefits you have found for yourself – Drop us a tag on Instagram

💫 Benefits of Intuitive Movement

Reduces stress and anxiety 💗
As we learn to listen to our intuition, we learn how to self-soothe and find ease within ourselves. this looks different for everyone and whilst techniques may be suggested to us, we need to find what what for us in that moment. I now have a few different go-to practises I try to use when I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Fewer injuries 🤕
As we move more mindfully and intentionally we are less likely to pick up injuries through training erratically. It also means we will not be over training, which will lessen the risk of getting an injury through our movement practise.

Restores a healthy relationship to your body 🙏🏼
We focus on caring and loving our bodies for everything they can do and everything they do to keep us safe everyday. By practising an intuitive approach we may learn to trust our bodies a little more. Bodies are SO intelligent, IMO much more than our minds can even fathom 🧠

Cultivates self compassion ✌🏾
Similar to the above point, we can appreciate how glorious our bodies are, right in this moment, without needing to change our external appearance. Exercising through self love and compassion for ourselves feels SO much better than through frustration or hatred towards ourselves.

Allows for fitness freedom and joy 🕊
If you don’t enjoy moving in a certain way…. No worries, don’t do it! Find the things that do light you up and bring genuine joy and contentment to your body and mind. Still not found something you enjoy yet? No worries, we have a lifetime to explore!

Never gets boring! 🎉
And as above, we may need different movement for different seasons and chapters of our lives. Be open and curious to trying new ways of moving and nourishing your beautiful body. Thinking about all the ways I haven’t moved before gets me so excited to try new things and for LIFE in general!

What are you favourite ways to move? I’d love to hear from you! Thank you so much for landing on this page and I hope it’s planted some positive movement seeds for you! 🌱