The Missing Peace ☮️ podcast by Becca Guy

A few weeks ago lovely Becca got in touch and asked me to be a guest on her podcast “The Missing Peace”, I was super nervous but she quickly put my mind at ease and we ended up having a great conversation 🎙

A few words from Becca:
“My intention for the Missing Peace Podcast is to share all about the messy journey of healing, of making peace with our minds, bodies and selves.
It began life as the Peace Of Cake Podcast, focusing on healing our relationship with food and fitness, which was sparked by my own experience of trying to find worth through my body that led to 8 years of binge eating and exercise obsession.
But I soon realised that healing my relationship with food was really about healing my relationship with myself, so the podcast had to expand to cover this.
We discuss topics ranging from body acceptance to spirituality, and have beautiful conversations with guests like yourself who share their wisdom and perspective on life.
It is definitely a living and moving entity, and all are invited along for the ride”.

Here are a few thing we covered in the episode together, which you can listen to here.

➡️What mindful living and movement is and how to embody it
➡️Expressing emotions through movement
➡️The healing qualities of walking
➡️Guilt-free downtime
➡️The work and life balance
➡️The power of tracking your menstrual cycle

You can listen to more wonderful podcast episodes with Becca here. Give her a follow on Instagram and make sure you sign up to her email letters on her website.

Thank you so much to Becca for inviting us onto her podcast and I hope you guys enjoy listening!