🫁 Breath work journey with Hayley 🌬️

In 2020 I decided to join more online classes for myself… Teaching lots of live classes online, uploading almost daily to YouTube, plus the the blanket worry of the pandemic was taking it’s toll… That’s when Hayley was introduced to me.

I booked onto one of Hayley’s online Wim Hof breathing sessions and was hooked! Hayley’s gentle, but direct instructions, combined with her music choice, made for the most intense and releasing breath work session I’ve ever experienced. You’ll feel completely in safe hands with Hayley and I’d recommend going into with with no preconceived ideas…. Allow your journey to unfold as it will 🗺️


🌬️ The breath is our source of life and is our vital life force energy. It is an amazing tool to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Most of us have forgotten the power of the breath, and spend every hour of every day breathing in unconscious and non optimal ways, which is the primary cause of tension throughout the body and mind.

🫁 The breath is often overlooked when it comes to a desire (or need) to improve our health, but making small changes can have a huge impact, and significantly help with the improvement of our energy levels, sleep quality, stress levels and so on. 

🧠 During this session, Hayley will guide you through a powerful journey with the breath, helping you to tap into and rediscover this power which lies within us all, allowing you to drop into deep states of consciousness and meditation. 

No experience is necessary. We’ll begin the session sitting up (either on the floor, a bed or a sofa), then you’ll be invited to lie down. 

Suggestions of what to have with you:

  • Headphones (recommended for best sound experience)
  • A blanket
  • Pillow for under your knees
  • Drink of water

Please do not eat anything heavy 2 hours before the session starts and ensure you are hydrated. 

Alterations to the breath will be offered to anyone who is pregnant, 8 weeks post operation or has any of the following conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Or any other serious health (physical or mental) condition

Join us on Wednesday 10th May 6pm UK time. Members you can find the Zoom link on the live sessions page, or if you would like to drop in as a non-member, investment is £8 and send us a message via the contact page.