About My Mindful Movement

Through the My Mindful Movement practise, each new class aims to empower you to move in a way that suits you. No two people are the same and no two days are the same, so we are here as your guide to help you connect deeper to yourself.

Some days we may need a sweaty, strong flow, others stillness and self reflection, we make space for it all here in the My Mindful Movement studio. We draw inspiration from yoga, mobility, myofascial release, functional movement and more! Expect creative and fun transitions, feel good stretches and interesting ways to explore your unique body. Prepare to fall in love with movement!



The My Mindful Movement benefits go far beyond flexibility and mobility though, (although these do feel awesome!) My Mindful Movement also impacts to how we move through life… With more intent, connection and gratitude.

Our on-demand library is regularly updated with fresh classes so there is always something new to enjoy and we have a collection of series if you’re looking for a plan to follow. Once a month we will have a themed, live class for all members via Zoom and a private community page so we can all chat and build our lovely, little community.

There will also be a monthly giveaway to one lucky member!


YogaLondon: 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher training

Sally Parkes: 85hr Pre & Post natal yoga teacher training

Gateway: 8hr Indian head massage training

The Yoga People: 50hr Yin & the elements yoga teacher training

Rachel Land Yoga: 12hrs Myofascial release for yoga teachers

Real Fertile X Sally Parkes: 25hrs Fertility yoga teacher training

My Vinyasa Practise: Online yoga nidra training

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